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Recommended Links
Recommended Links
Middle Eastern Dance Directories,information, articles, reviews, etc.

www.shira.net  -  Shira - A great resource!!

www.orientaldancer.net -  Salome - directory, library

www.bellydanceshoppe.com - Naj's web site  

www.safticraft.com - Great web site from Egypt - beautiful costumes, dance directory, 

www. mymoondancer.com
Dancers web sites:

www.leanna.com  -  Home page of Leanna - Alhambra Troupe Member

www.fusionbellydance.com - Samite' beautiful web site              

www.kirasoasis.com - Bellydance studio and rental hall, Dayton, Ohio

NataJ and   Mirage Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble - Cincinnati, Ohio

www.carenzascaravan.com -  Carenza's web site - Muncie, Indiana

www.ruric-amari.com -  Belly Dancer in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana.  Ruric has an excellent
"References on the Web for Belly Dance Students" and much more!

www.thebellydancedivas.com - Michigan Largest bellydance troupe!

www.troupe-roja.com - ...a new cutting-edge fusion troupe from Dayton, Oh!L    

www.shimmyshoppe.net - Wisconsin

www.zanbaka.com  -  Tribal Bellydance

www.basimahdances.com -



Middle Eastern Mechandise -  Miscellanous web sites

www.scheherezade Imports - anything and everything you might need

www.indiabazaar.net -  Excellent merchandise!

www.bellydancecostumes.com- Lila's Authentic Belly Dance Costumes from the Middle East ready for inmediate shipping!

www.kamilhaddad.com - International recording artist"  Conchi recommends Mr.                                                 Haddad for Arabic Festivals, weedings, shows.

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